Let’s take a deep-dive into some of the biggest interior trends for 2021! And explore a handful of affordable options that can allow you to implement these trends into your space without breaking the bank.


When establishing a room’s colour palette, earthy tones are high on the popularity list for 2021 (browns, whites, creams, beige, greige, forest green, burnt orange, to name but a few). These colours create the feel of a warm yet sophisticated environment, possibly inspired by the need to feel safe through spending an increased time at home or a desire to reconnect with nature. Texture is key in making the most of this natural palette, don’t hold back from layering colours and accompanying fabrics in the form of cushions, throws, rugs, curtains and more.

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In line with the ‘earthy’ trend, natural materials such as wood, rattan, cotton, stone and clay are all quickly making their way into people’s homes. Invest in stand-out accessories such as vases, cushions and coffee tables or some statement pieces such as a sofa, headboard or chairs to transform your space.

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Yes, this is a real thing! Yet again building upon this idea of nature-inspired design, furniture and homewares flaunting rounded corners are currently in high demand. The absence of hard, straight edges creates the feel of a natural aesthetic, leaving behind the ‘man-made’ illusion. Rounded edges can be incorporated into your space through everything from vases and rugs to mirrors and chairs. You can even try and create an interesting juxtaposition between rounded and straight edges, for instance, accompanying rounded sofas, chairs or rugs with a hard-edge travertine/stone coffee table (check eBay out for deals on these).

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There is no doubt that living house plants will always be a popular addition to any home, but what’s truly popular for 2021 is dried flowers and plants, such as pampas grass. Dried plants perfectly combine the two previous trends of natural materials and earthy tones, with a vast majority of dried plants coming in highly aesthetic and complimentary shades of brown, white and beige. What’s more, dried plants don’t require the upkeep that living plants do, for obvious reasons (bonus points!).

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It’s time to get out the paint-brush: accent walls are back in style! Some say popularity for them was fading at the start of 2020, but I am now seeing them absolutely everywhere. Back when I was 16, I remember spontaneously painting one of my bedroom walls a garish shade of pinkish-red. A very bold move, and questioned by many – if only I knew what I knew now! With the right colour to match your palette, accent walls can give a real oomph to your space.


Okay, so, I absolutely love stuff. When I say minimalism is a trend for 2021, it does not mean that you need to throw everything away, because that is simply unachievable for lots of people including myself. I am a real fan of filling my home with things that tell a story and tastefully complement their surroundings. This trend, for me, equates to the idea of making sure the pieces you choose to put on display serve a purpose to your space; in other words, are you merely hoarding or hanging onto things for the sake of it, even though you aren’t really a fan anymore? Ensuring that your ‘nick-nacks’ complement the spaces they fill is vital.

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